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July 13th, 2017:

It’s been a long dry spell for writing my "Up The Trail" stories. Probably lost any readers I've had, but sometimes a guy needs to express himself just so maybe the kids can reflect on the past, even if it’s in the sweet by and by. Write it down, document it, they say. So I had the privilege of taking some Arizona relatives on a brief tour of the Antelope Hills last week, and after sharing some stories, they encouraged me to put it writing.

When my mom was a kid, she was raised in the Antelope Hill area. There was a tale about a group of Spaniards who were carrying gold across the plains and got trapped by Indians in the area. They buried the gold to keep it from the Indians, and only one of the Spaniards escaped to tell the story. Fast-forward a few years and the story gets back to western Oklahoma. The locals got excited about the prospect of Spanish gold!!! Lots of Sunday afternoons were spent digging around the hillsides looking for the loot.... One day, three of the families, who had been working together, struck something with a strange sound in the bottom of a hole they were cooperatively digging. Too late in the day to complete the dig, all parties agreed to wait until morning and complete the task.....so come Monday, two of the families were back to dig up their fortune. Upon examining the dig, it was discovered the hole was slightly wider and deeper than it had been the previous day... The other family was never heard from again????? Fact??? I don't know, but it's a hell of a good story!!

I really need some therapy this morning as one of our buyers at ECLA passed away suddenly on Monday. He and I had become really great friends, he was never in a hurry to leave our place, and we always found things to laugh about. He was a little scattered, but managed to always work through every situation with a smile and something funny to say. Duane Mote, you will be missed. Hell. You are already missed.... Thanks for all the laughs. If laughing is good for us, you probably added 10 years to my life... your response to that would be, "oh hell, l owe the world an apology ". Hahaha!! I really don't want to go to work tomorrow.

We didn't have a sale last week, because my youngest son wanted to get married on 7-7-17... Congratulations Travis and Jaci!!!! Thanks for the day off!!

Charles Hickey
...and thats what I saw up the trail.

June 10th, 2017:

The good old government is once again doing what's best for us...They are only letting Oklahoma Highway Patrol drive 100 miles a day. There are places out west where it's 50 miles between gas stations... Just crank up when your shift starts, drive over, fill up and mosey back to the house. Makes me feel really confident in dialing 911!!! They check my 911 address see I'm 51 miles away and figure they can't make it home. Well, I can give them the 2 gallons of gas I have for my lawnmower, or I have a gun and a backhoe, I'll get'er handled.... With the dedication to serving Oklahoma our guys have, it won't surprise me one bit to find ‘em at my 911 call in a personal vehicle... Thanks OHP for managing to do a really great job, in spite of the 100 mile rule!!!!!

The weather has been crazy this spring, but we now have the reason for it!!!! "Trump". But does that make it legal to blame 43rd president for the drought?

Cattle markets have been all over the place this spring. Never a good time to get caught on the wrong side of a hedge.

We should be seeing the market loose some of its volatility since "Trump" has convinced China to import our beef again!!!!

That mess with the Brazilian beef should have consumers scrambling to read country of origin labels. Oh, yea there is some kind of discrimination factor in that. What president was it that brought that up??

Hope some of you guys missed my writing while I was too damn lazy there for a while???

Opened my I-pad to add some new notes, and "voila" there was my last story reminding me how long it had been..

With a few people wanting to destroy the history of America, I'm wondering if there is a chance, that we will be doomed to repeat it??

I believe there is still a great opportunity to PRAY FOR AMERICA!!! Not a good time to let up now. I'm talking to all us illiterate deplorables.....

See ya again soon, Up the Trail.

Charles Hickey
...and thats what I saw up the trail.

Dec 12th, 2016:

Well this was quite a week & somebody once told me older age would be fun. I sure didn't expect it to come quiet this quick though????

Speaking of fun, I've managed to have my share, mostly at someone else's expense.

After 46 years of marriage, Debbie finally managed to get one over on me. Hell, I've known every birthday present, Christmas present, anniversary gift she has ever got for me ever since we been married, and usually weeks in advance.. Well, except Travis, now Travis was a surprise... She managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for me, without me finding out. I was so oblivious I couldn't even figure out why there were so many people I know eating out on a Tuesday night. I sure hope it was just a slip up on my part and not senility beginning. I would sure hate to think I was gonna be that easily fooled from now on. I was really spooked when a couple of my cousins showed up and we have never kept secrets from each other. Or have they, huummm?

The crowd that was there has caused me to do a lot of reflection on fun I've had with a lot of ‘em over the years.. I was thinking about writing a few stories about some of the guys that came to my surprise birthday party, but maybe I shouldn't. Big sigh of relief from Stacey, Eric, Ed, Chauncey. There is this one about Chauncey! No, no, I just can't, yet. Hahahah.....

It was a really great evening with friends and family .. Thanks a million to all who came out to celebrate with us, and those who sent cards and posted on facebook. If you can believe it, I'm totally overwhelmed. To Debbie and those that planned and kept the secret, THANKS

One more big surprise and this is a biggie. Received a letter in the mail today, I'm getting a $3 a month increase in my SS!!!!!

The cattle market keeps creeping up, I can't imagine what is pushing it??

There seems to be cows everywhere you look..

We will have about 70 head of Red Angus heifers at the sale on Friday 16th. About half will be red hided the rest black hided.

This will be our last sale for 2016.. We will resume on Jan. 6, 2017!!!!!

I want to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR...

Thanks for your support and trust in bringing us your cattle and to our buyers for being there week after week....

I don't have to tell any of my followers to keep JESUS the reason for the season...

Trust in the Lord, and lean not on your own understanding...


We will see you up The Trail!!!!!!!!

Charles Hickey
...and thats what I saw up the trail.

Nov 25th, 2016:

A longtime friend of mine who happens to be an attorney, was telling me about when he was young and just getting started. He was friends with a plumber, and the young plumber ask the young lawyer to go with him to put in a new faucet one day after work. The owner they were working for was complaining about the high prices plumbers charged. The plumber responds with "When the only help I can get after hours is an attorney from town, it's no wonder my prices have to be high." The old farmer ask my friend, "Are you really an attorney?" My friend responded in the affirmative, that he indeed was an attorney. The farmer responded by saying "well dig fast then", while making his way quickly out of sight. Guess the moral of the story is, if you don't want an attorney digging your hole for you, then you better dig it yourself...

We had another great sale last week at ECLA, over 2700 hd. Once again the employees rose to the occasion and got stuff done in great shape. Thanks guys and gals!!!! Markets continue on an upward trend, which makes everyone more fun to deal with. Had a text from someone, not sure who, thanking us for being there and doing a good job for him.. Not sure who it was, since I didn't have the number saved in my phone? Said his cattle brought $3000 more than he expected!!!! Don't know how many he sold, surely more than one..... haha

We had several 5 wt.strs. Bringing in the high $140's, few up to $151.!! The heifer cattle are still about $20 back..

I don't know how many people are rioting over the Trump election, but it may only be about 50. You know the way they can alter pictures now days?? I would liked to have rioted against the Obama election, but I still had to work to make a living. If you can believe any of the news stories some guy named "soros" is hiring them to riot so, Trump is already putting people to work and ain't having to pay 'em out of the government coffers!!!! Hell, no telling how many will be off welfare by the time he actually takes office.

Reminds me of a story I read once, about a lady who had been praying for enough money to feed her family for Thanksgiving. An atheist heard about it and went and bought a passel of groceries and left them on her porch. The woman was elated when she found them and praised the Lord all over town for the groceries.. Few days later the atheist called her up and confessed he was the one that brought the food.. The lady's response was, "ain't that just like the Lord, He got me groceries and made the devil pay for 'em."

Philippians's 4:6 says "be worried for nothing; but in everything by praying and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God."

Guess the liberals must have missed that one..

See you all next Friday at ECLA!!!!!

Charles Hickey
...and thats what I saw up the trail.

Nov 12th, 2016:

The election is finally over the American people have spoken...

Just like a sports event there are winners and losers, so lighten up! There's a bright side for you if you voted. Every participating voter received a little red white and blue lapel sticker!!!!! That's a pretty damn good trophy if you ask me...In the last few days I have heard everything from it’s a miracle, to a fixed election??? The Trump train, as they are calling it, will not be a smooth track, there will be a whole lot of new bumps and crooked tracks along the way...

At least the 50+ mile drive to ECLA was better this week. There was a whole lot more drivers setting up straight in their seats and giving all they met in their travels a finger wave. It was the friendly finger for the first time in about eight years!!!!!

Big sale at ECLA again this week. Over 800 cows and over 1200 head of calves and yearlings. All classes were even stronger again this week!! We also registered several new buyers again. Thanks, guys! Some of you drove a lot of miles to come and do business with us... One of our older ranchers told me again this week, "we may have to have a new generation of cattleman, I think the last one is broke." I sure think the new calf market may take a lot of fun out of it for the hobby farmer??

Will Rogers said "The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse." Just to reflect on that a little. After I came home from Vietnam and decided I had had enough of people and society in general, my dad woke me up early one morning and told me he had a horse saddled for me and to eat breakfast and go get on and ride till I was better. About six hours later I came back to the house starved and a heck of a lot better than I had left!!! A week later and I had a job with Farm Bureau, adjusting crop insurance across the state. Must have been something to that.. Sure though my ole Daddy coined the phrase for years though..

Remember that in all things be diligent, whatsoever you do, do as unto the Lord.. He wants a relationship with you and He is watching and waiting to visit with you just like the father did in the story of the prodigal son!!!

Don't stop praying just because you have a victory, just like you would not stop practicing just because you win or loose a sporting event.....

Charles Hickey
...and thats what I saw up the trail.

October 31st, 2016:

Well heck, I'm going to try and write tonight but I keep hearing on facebook , my only news source, that there's a fugitive loose on the river west of Hammon and almost 200 law enforcement people who are looking for him!!!!

Gonna be a really tough night. Praying for the best of Oklahoma's to be safe out there... This guy should have had more pictures taken because there are several criminals running around D.C. with their pictures on everything & ain't nobody can find them to arrest them????? No doubt about the quality of our Okie boys out there- go get him boys- his presence is disturbing my writing.. It's difficult with this old 12 gauge on my lap.

Politics seem to be the topic of many conversations going around. The thing I can't figure out is why voters will set and listen to someone who knows nothing about a subject tell others how they should vote????? I bet it would have really pissed off that Barry Switzer guy if I tried to tell him how to coach basketball.. Had to put in a post script here because they tell me he played football...Oops. Well, it's still obvious he knows more about sports than he does about what we need to farm...Yes on 777 is the right play to call if you want to continue to have your food grown in the U.S.A....Put that on your plate and soak the gravy up with a big old biscuit made from Oklahoma wheat.. I won't be sending any plays in for your football team, cause I don't know nothing about football.....

Cattle market was better again this week at ECLA. This makes two weeks in a row. Have we seen the bottom? I kinda doubt it, election years are always shakey....We just may have our biggest sale of the year next Friday, we already have over 600 hd. Consigned. This is our fall weaned calf sale, and we will have a lot of bawlers too!!!

Getting the election over and a good general rain are two things you could sure add to your prayer list this week.

Honor God, Stand for the National Anthem, Get Out and Vote!!!! The winner of this Presidential election will have an effect on our kids for the next 30 years.

You have the ability to set America on a path to get us headed in the direction that our fore fathers set us on when they, under the supervision of almighty God, created the Constitution of the United States of America...


Hope to see you, Up The Trail at ECLA!!!!!

Charles Hickey
...and thats what I saw up the trail.

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